History for Lunch: Haunted: Jim Wilcox Remembers Nell Cropsey

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019 - 12:15pm to 1:00pm

Join us on Wednesday, August 21st, as William E. Dunstan discusses his new, nonfiction novel, Haunted: Jim Wilcox Remembers Nell Cropsey. The year 1898 finds young Jim Wilcox enjoying a privileged life in Elizabeth City, but his world blazes under a rising tide of Southern intrigue. After Jim falls in love with Nell Cropsey, a newcomer from Brooklyn, he braves the thorns of fate as her secrets shatter his heart.  Then twenty-year-old Nell, who claims to be nineteen, disappears from her riverside home on a raw moonlit night in November 1901. Within days, her mysterious disappearance becomes a national sensation. Local fingers point angry fingers at Jim, but has another person cleverly covered an unthinkable sin?

William E. Dunstan brings old twisted wounds to stunning light in the pages of this nonfiction novel, accurately describing historical figures and events, but he tells the story also by imagining Jim's thoughts and conversations without altering the essential truth of the tragic story. The rich narrative shows impeccable research and unfolds with masterful intensity from its gripping beginning to haunting ending.

This program is free and open to the public; you're welcome to bring a lunch.

For more information please call 252-331-4054. Mr. Dunstan's new book will also be available for purchase in our museum gift shop.