River Cube Project Exhibit Opening

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Friday, January 7, 2022 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm

The Museum of the Albemarle will host an exhibit opening for Christina Lorena Weisner and Matt Keene’s River Cube Project, Neuse River, North Carolina 2019-2022, on Friday, January 7, 2022, from 5 - 7 pm.

The nearly two-million-year-old Neuse River is one of the oldest in what is now known as the United States and stretches some 275 miles across North Carolina. Its waters traverse ancient rift basins created during the break-up of the supercontinent Pangea and accumulate behind dams of the modern epoch before flowing onward to the global ocean. Rivers have the capacity to tell stories, to connect the past, the present, and the future.

The River Cube Project explores the Neuse River as a unique environment created and influenced by relationships between nature, people, and technology. The Project is the catalyst for collecting and creating context-specific materials that take the form of sculpture, drawings, data, audiovisual materials, scientific and social studies that synthesize and reflect - present a sampling of - the Neuse River’s diversity and complexity.

In April/May of 2019, the River Cube was constructed and exhibited in the Gregg Museum of Art and Design in Raleigh, NC. In May, the River Cube was taken from the museum to its launch site: the headwaters of the Eno River, the source of the Neuse River. Over the course of approximately three weeks, artist (Christina Lorena Weisner) and scientist (Matt Keene) drifted, paddled, pedaled, and sailed 275 miles from the source of the Neuse River in North Carolina to the Atlantic Ocean, gathering diverse social and environmental data and information that has become part of the Project’s archive. The River Cube Project stopped in cities, small towns, and wilderness along the “route” to collect such information and to join and create dialogue about the river and the relationships it makes and hosts. Once the vessel crossed through the Ocracoke Inlet, the 275-mile journey was complete. The Project will culminate in a curated exhibition of the River Cube vessel and the Project’s collection (on display this January at the Museum of the Albemarle).

Collaborators & Sponsors

  • NC Arts Council - Artist Fellowship
  • The Gregg Museum
  • Christina Lorena Weisner - College of the Albemarle
  • Matt Keene – The Silwood Group LLC
  • John Hansen Photography
  • Shane Z Moore – Filmmaker, Shane Z Moore Productions
  • Bobby Bailey – Filmmaker, NowHere Films
  • Shad Keene – Meteorologist, National Weather Service
  • Lisa M. LeMair and Christopher Proto – graphic design and website services
  • Matt Ogburn - Marine Ecologist, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
  • HopeFloats.org
  • Kitty Hawk Kites
  • Michelle Edwards - Fish Finder Project, Ocean Research Project & Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
  • Sound Rivers / Neuse River Keepers
  • Green $aves Green