Recent Acquisitions

This M1 Carbine was recently donated to the Museum. According to the gun’s markings, Underwood Typewriter Company made it sometime between November 1942 and July 1943. Designed by David M. "Carbine" Williams, the semi-automatic firearm was used during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War in several variants.

Chowan Beach began in 1926 when a Winton, NC native leased property in Hertford County on the Chowan River with the intent to turn it into a family-oriented resort or playground. Picnic shelters, a dance hall, dining facilities, and vacation cottages with running water and electricity along with amusement rides could be enjoyed at the beach. Chowan Beach closed in the early 1990s. Artifacts such as this advertisement and amusement ride tickets were donated as part of the collection.

This painted canvas was used as a backdrop at the Rex Theater in Hertford, NC. The painted background and ads surrounding the background would be viewable before the beginning of shows. Ads from local businesses include Eastern Oil Company; Darden Brothers; Texaco; Anderson Drug Store; Winslow Oil; Western Electric-Talking Pictures at their Best; H.C. Stoke Dry Goods; Z.A. Harris; Hertford Banking; Divers Motor Co.; J. Broughton and Bros-Phone 59; and Major & Loomis Co. The canvas is signed and dated by artist Giov. Bianch.