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Our Story: Life in the Albemarle

The Albemarle is a unique place—half land, half water. Our ever changing relationship with the water has defined our way of life. Water is both a highway and a barrier, a source of livelihood and inspiration. The story of this place is Our Story, a tale of how our communities have adapted to challenges and opportunities of our unusual home. This is a long-term exhibit with no closing date.


50 Years of Museum History

MOA celebrates its 50th birthday in 2017 with a special exhibit highlighting objects from our collection.

North Carolina Shad Boat

The Official State Historic Boat of North Carolina was first built in the early 1880s by George Washington Creef of Roanoke Island. The shad boat on display here at MOA was built in 1904 by renowned boat builder and decoy carver, Alvirah Wright. This is a long-term exhibit with no closing date.


Tar Heels in the Trenches: The Albemarle and the Great War

The Museum of the Albemarle announces the opening of its newest exhibit, Tar Heels in the Trenches: The Albemarle and the Great War. The First World War encompassed 6 continents and 65 million people. This exhibit examines the role that North Carolina’s Albemarle Region played in that great war. Time and space prevent the telling of every story, but the experiences and items of the people represented in this exhibit typify those of the thousands of North Carolinians in the “war to end all wars.” This exhibit closes on December 31, 2018


Albemarle Tides: 

Albemarle Tides showcases an intriguing assortment of artifacts, from across the Albemarle region, which illustrate how time is both purposed and regarded throughout northeast North Carolina.  From a Gothic Revival styled clock to a World War Two era bank calendar, these objects reveal both the diversity and utility of time in the Albemarle. 


I DO! Weddings in the Albemarle, 1831-2015

The exhibit focuses on the bride and her dress, but includes tailcoats, top hats, trousseaus, shoes, purses, photographs and other wedding related items. Brides and grooms of yesterday and today continue to hold to traditions and symbolism, yet always bring in their own style. The exhibit will explore traditions from bouquets, to the exchanging of wedding rings and to the honeymoon location. Visit the museum and stroll through the exhibit, recapture memories of your special day, and learn how wedding traditions began. The pieces on display are from the Museum’s collection and lenders from the Albemarle region. This exhibit will be on display through December 2017.


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Flying Kites with Delia!


Nags Head Portrait

The “Nags Head Portrait” is an oil portrait possibly of Theodosia Burr Alston, wife of South Carolina governor Joseph Alston and daughter of Vice President Aaron Burr. Theodosia boarded the schooner Patriot on December 30, 1812, in South Carolina en route to New York. The ship reportedly was destroyed off the coast of North Carolina during a storm, with all passengers lost at sea. However, other legends state that the ship was attacked by pirates, who then plundered its goods, including this portrait, and all aboard were kidnapped and murdered.

Along with this exhibit, we will be providing an interactive video with the help of LayarLayar is a global leader in Augmented Reality and Interactive Print, helping to bridge the gap between the print and digital worlds. After downloading the Layar app, patrons will be able to access additional content connected with the portrait. Just download the app to your smart device and make sure the volume is turned on. Follow the onscreen instructions, scan the images and reveal a video about the portrait.



Local Racing Legends

From dirt tracks to river courses, from tires to propellers, Northeastern North Carolina has a long storied past when it comes to racing. We love it and we love those who push the limits, chase records, and live for speed. This exhibit highlights one of our racing legends whose importance in the sport is on a smaller but no less significant level. Their contributions to racing live on in the objects, awards, and stories of their achievements.These items are from the power boat racing career of Pasquotank County native Kevin Harrell. Harrell, born and raised in Elizabeth City, competitively raced boats from the time he was 13 until his retirement at the age of 33 in 2009. During his career, he won a total of six national championships in the American Power Boat Association (APBA), and two national championships in the American Outboard Federation (AOF).