Adopt an Artifact

Help the Museum of the Albemarle protect our state treasures by adopting an artifact that requires conservation. Your tax-deductible donation in any amount will help support the museum’s mission of preserving artifacts and other historical materials relating to the history and heritage of northeastern North Carolina.

The Museum of the Albemarle staff will locate a conservator with specific expertise in the type of material needing care. That person will do a conservation assessment of the work needed to conserve the object plus the cost of materials, their time and travel.

At that point, a contract will be written identifying the duration of the project and the monetary requirements. Sometimes these amounts will need to be amended due to further needs uncovered during the conservation process.

Adopt the World War I jacket and cap worn by Walter Raleigh Parker of Northampton County

World War I jacket and cap worn by Walter Raleigh Parker of Northampton County. Raleigh served as a US Naval Reserve medical officer during World War I.  Assigned to Hampton Roads, he performed physicals and other health check on sailors and marines in the Norfolk area especially during the outbreak of the Spanish influenza.  Parker did was discharged in August 1919.  The cost of conservation for the jacket and cap is $1700.