MOA Mobile

Say Hello to MOA Mobile, Powered by OnCell!

Over the past few years, visitors have entered our doors and encountered many of our exhibits. The Museum’s main gallery, Our Story, has relished a unique feature, the OnCell Audio Tour. Freshly upgraded, the unique feature of the rebirthed enhances our visitor’s experience, allowing guests to discover more about the Museum before, during, and after with MOA Mobile, Powered by OnCell. The experience can be visited by visiting or calling the OnCell Narrator at (252) 548-6213.

Showcasing various exhibits, in-depth interactives, and highlighting events, experiences, and more at the Museum. Visitors can continue enjoying our flagship feature of the Our Story: Life in the Albemarle Audio Tour. The adventure features over 30 stops, gives guests detailed information regarding Our Story exhibit text and artifacts, and even features special spotlights on individuals throughout the exhibit. Listen to Polly Jackson, who lived part of her life in the circa 1755 Jackson house, tell her life story according to a first-person account. Proceed to follow the Museum of the Albemarle as we extend to launch more opportunities to go further in-depth into the history of the Albemarle Region on Facebook.

MOA also will offer headphones, for a small donation, that enable visitors to listen to the Audio Tour without other distractions.