Rental Conditions

Specific Conditions for All Rentals


$100 non-refundable deposit. 50% of remaining balance due 30 days prior to event with the remainder of the balance due at least 10 working days prior to the scheduled event.

Setup and Take Down:

Charges include 4-hour time block including setup and take down time and museum staff to oversee museum and cleaning. Example: Your scheduled event is allotted 4 hours total. However, you are allowed an additional 4 hours (only) for setup, take down and cleanup of the event. There is an additional $100 per hour charge for time that exceeds contracted time. Extra time must be approved prior to the event.


The rental group and/or caterer are responsible for setup, breakdown, and cleaning of all rented areas including the removal of food and beverages and cleanup within the contracted rental period. The museum premises must be returned to their original condition upon the event’s conclusion.


All food must be provided by a Health Department inspected, insured, and permitted caterer or food-service provider. An exception can be allowed for cakes.

Guided Tours:

Tours of the museum and special exhibits by Museum Docents can be arranged for your guests. This service is subject to availability and requires at least a 4-week notice.

The Museum Gift Shop:

The Museum Gift Shop can be opened during your event. This complimentary service is subject to availability and requires at least a 4-week notice.


Your invitation or announcement must be approved by the designated museum staff prior to printing. This ensures the quality of the museum’s name as well as the accuracy of the information related to your event.

Audiovisual Equipment:

Lectern and Microphone (No Charge) All other audiovisual equipment will be charged a flat rate for usage. (Note: It is the responsibility of the renter to insure outside audiovisual equipment is compatible with the museum’s equipment.)

Important Documents