The Museum of the Albemarle offers a variety of programs that can be utilized at the museum or are available to be taken into the classroom and other venues. In addition, the museum holds special events periodically throughout the year that can supplement classroom studies. Should you desire more information or wish to schedule a tour or program, please get in touch with our education department:

View the digital version of the January-May 2024 Program Calendar.

Program Calendar is published periodically by the Museum of the Albemarle, a part of the Division of State History Museums, an agency of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.

Programs available include:


The museum's hands-on history program can be utilized at the museum, classroom, or other venues. Through the museum's hands-on history program, participants get a closer look at history through hands-on activities with historical objects and reproductions. Designed primarily for younger audiences, the dialogue with museum staff and inspection of the objects themselves motivate young people to learn about the culture that produced the artifacts and about themselves. While these kits are primarily designed to be taken into settings outside, they can also be used as presentations for small groups at the museum to complement aspects of the tour.


Bring the resources of the North Carolina Museum of History and Museum of the Albemarle into your classroom through History-in-a-Box Educator Kits. These multi-disciplinary teaching tools provide classes with background materials, reproduction artifacts, lessons, and activities that tie North Carolina history with language arts, science, math, and visual art. Kits are available for loan for up to three weeks at no charge. Schools may pick it up at the museum. 

Available to the Albemarle Region only.


Audio-visual materials are available for loan from the museum for a period of up to three weeks at no charge. Teachers pay return shipping if necessary.


CARTifacts Gallery Carts are presented periodically in our galleries. Ask the receptionist if one is available during your visit. A Drop-in Friday demonstration might be available, as well! 

Gallery Backpacks Children can check out backpacks filled with extra enhancing activities to subjects presented within the Main Gallery, Our Story